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24th April 2007

11:33pm: Latest links for Techrigy
Techrigy site is open for public beta now. Check it out if you need to Backup your blog.


Backup my blog.

12th March 2007

10:12pm: Any interesting post i came across on the proper way to do a pop-up


Good to know because I probably would have done it the wrong way.

4th February 2007

12:47pm: New Techrigy Office space
We had a big office move this week. It's very exciting.

Here are the pictures.

7th January 2007

8:42pm: The Newmans tear up their first Monster Truck Rally
Ok, so as one of Jen's christmas presents, I got the family + jay mari tickets to the local Monster Truck rally. Yes, we are REALLY living in Rochester. So of course, Jen was dreading going. I practically had to drag her there, but once she got there she had a great time. Here's the story.

We took a small bag of ear protection Tom gave us from his days as an audiologist. We arrived about 15 minutes late, so we missed the Wheelie competition. As we arrived the noise was so loud.

It started with the Monster Truck race, then some go-kart racing, then a ATV jump over 3 monster trucks. The coolest thing was a ATV with an actual Jet Rocket attached to it. Believe me, you've never heard anything this loud, and remember I spent 2 years in field artillery shooting 150lb High Explosive rounds 20 miles down range. You should feel the power of the 1500 horse power of the jet propulion from the top row of the Arena.

The finale was 1 minute of free-style showboating and the event was dominated by the Grave Digger.

Check out Jay Mari's videos at:

And his pictures came out really well - check them out:

Next year I'm getting Jen a gun rack for the pickup truck.

22nd November 2006

5:39pm: Techrigy website goes live.
Ok, the Techrigy website went live this week. Check it out (www.techrigy.com). It's all about the Blog Backup. Also started the Techrigy blog at techrigy.blogspot.com. Working to finish up www.blogbackuponline.com.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

16th November 2006

7:54pm: Marathon/Mashup camp
Ok, I never reported on the marathon. I ran the NYC Marathon in early November. I was not really prepared for it, but i finished it and not too badly. Ran it in 4:10 which is 22 minutes off last years time, but I didnt push at all. I finished feeling pretty strong, and my knee didnt hurt at all. Weather was about perfect and the crowds were not too bad. I did not see Jen and family (+ Eric + Jason) - they waited at 95th and 1st but they were on the wrong side of the street. I did see the Olivers however.

Here's some pictures:

I just got a notice that Mashup Camp/University is going to be at the MIT Campus in January. I'm definitely going to hit that. Check it out. http://www.mashupcamp.com/

18th October 2006

4:00pm: New fast time
So I got my new mavic kysurim elite wheelset. It was quit a challenge getting the tires and inner tube on. I took it down to the bike shop and got a new cassette and chain also. Biking is expensive.

Of course they work. Went out for a ride today - 18 miles usual route and did 19.6 mph average which is .4 mph faster then I ahve ever done before. That was with a wind also. I can't wait for a nice calm day when i can hit 20 mph.

Also started training for the marathon. I did 16 mile on Sunday. That was a delightful run - yes that is sarcasm. I have to try to get in a 20 mile run on Saturday. Well, I guess I was one the one thought it would be a good idea to sign up for the marathon. Only 16 days left. I was sup[pose to start tapering, and im doing my first long run :(

6th October 2006

7:44pm: Trip to Vienna
Just got back from my trip to Vienna. Lots of jet lag and heavy food. Here are the pics.

29th September 2006

8:49pm: Havent posted in a while
Ok, been travelling, trying to catch up with work, etc... so I haven't managed to post in a while. 2 events happened I'll talk about. I was in Orlando for the Disney Triathlon, for Annual family disney trip, and for BlogOrlando.

BlogOrlando feed back. Hats off to everyone involved in it, especially Josh (hyku.com). Overall there wasn't a whole lot of technical content, mostly legal, PR issues stuff. I seem to be in the minority, but I would have eaten up alot more technical content. There was one session by a guy that is on the Wordpress development team. Interesting stuff but it was quit short and couldnt get very technical.

The unconference format was interesting, but honestly it ended up being less unconference and more regular conference. Many of the sessions were still mostly powerpoint slides with a few questions at the end. Might need to really stress that to the presenters - NO POWERPOINTS!!!

Disney Triathlon - good and bad. The swim was quite long and they didnt let us wear wetsuits which I think was bs - they said the water temperture was 84 degrees - I think i wasnt. So the swim took forever, 47 minutes. I did manage to do it all crawl and as fast as I could. I need to spend the winter working on swim efficiency. Run from swim to transition was way long, like 500 yards. Got on the bike - the course was very fast. I averaged about 21.6 mph. During the ride I heard a pop. Everything seemed ok, but it was one of my spokes again!!! I made it back ok, but later found that the tire was messed up. Course back into transition was about 2 miles of a 8 foot wide and it was shared with runner and bikers trying to pass and VERY dangerous. This part of the course was totally UNACCEPTABLE. The bike course was 20 miles, 4 miles short. The run was short as well, which was fine because it was hard as hell. No shade, hot as hell, it was absolutely miserable and while i was doing it i wondered why I do it :(

Made it, did a 2:42 which is right in the middle 512 out of 1149. If I could get my swim time down, I feel like I could start to be somewhat competitive. Maybe next year. Plus I need a serious upgrade on the bike. I think that would make a big difference.

Here are the pictures, but they won't be there long http://www.asiorders.com/view_user_event.asp?EVENTID=11085&BIB=145&S=230&PWD=

11th September 2006

2:33pm: Canandagui Triathlon
Well, things went good and bad. Bad is that I showed up late, barely got my stuff into the transition area, couldnt get the stuff set up and lost my googles. So I had to do the 1 mile swim without google. I didnt have time to even pin my bib to my shirt so I had to do it during transition. Didn't take my gu during the bike, didnt eat or hit the bathroom before the race. Needless to say, I still managed a 3:01 which is one minute off my goal for this year. I still need to seriously drop some time off my swim. That would be a huge help. I'm sure I could drop 10 minutes off if I spent alot more time in the pool.

After the race went to a historic Seneca indian site with the family and then eat at Alladins on the canal. I didnt get any work done yesterday which wasnt good.

5th September 2006

7:29pm: Another long ride today
This ride was very slow - 15.5 mph, but it was a recovery from last few days. I actually feel alot better after 38 miles. Tried Jefferson Road, the traffic was just too gnarly.

Not sure what i should do for the next few days to prep for Canandagiu. I guess I really need to focus on swimming to break 3 hours at month end Disney.

4th September 2006

10:42pm: Bernie's wedding
Here are some new pictures from Bernie's weedding, which was actually a few months ago.

10:37pm: Fast bike ride yet
Ok, first news of the day - did a shorter ride (18 miles) but hit a new record pace - 19.2 mph. Big jump up from my last fastest pace which was 18.8 mph. I'm going to do some more intervals this week to try to add some more speed.

Also, got some pictures I figured I'll share:

27th August 2006

9:01pm: Batpism this weekend
We had a good weekend - Thomas was finally baptised. Here are some pictures:

23rd August 2006

3:49pm: Good ride today
Went out for a 25 mile bike ride. Getting very comfortable in the aerobars. I actually moved them closer together after the ride today. Get a slight bit more aero dynamic out of them.

So, did a big hill which has a really fast down hill. I clocked a max speed of 44.7 mph. Oh ya! I could have done fast but I was exhausted and cars were baring down on me. Next time I am going to hit 50 mph!!!

Also, over the 25.5 miles, I averaged 18.8 which is another new record. That was with a stiff head wind also, so I think it could have been faster. Not far from 19mph. That will be a big mile stone, but I think 20mph will be the big goal. Maybe that is a good target for year end, complete a lap at 20+ mph. Tough, but maybe.

16th August 2006

1:28pm: New aerobars
Ok, so I finally got out and bought the aerobars. They are clip ons for my road bike. So I got them mounted, but the idiots at the bike shop mounted them and then didnt put my Cateye mount back on so first day out I didn't have my bike computer so I can't really compare statistics. Here is my experience however.

I bought Profile Design AirStryke Aero Bar http://www.performancebike.com/shop/profile.cfm?SKU=6126 from the local bike shop.

So yesterday went for a 32 mile ride. It was really windy, both a head wind and a side wind, and it must have been blowing 15-20 mph. SO that made it that more unstable. The aerobars really change the center of gravity of the bike. I moved my seat forward about 3 inches and point it up slightly more. Guy at the bike shop said it was pointed down too much. You can also tell there is more mass there over the front wheel even though its not really all that much weight. From the aero position, the brakes are very difficult to access and signalling people behind you is impossible.

1st half of the ride i took it easier. It felt like I was working new muscles. It wasnt too bad on the back or the elbows. The feeling was fairly comfortable. Second half of the ride i was feeling much better and started to really pick up the pace. Its hard to tell, but i think I am faster on them already. They definitely put you in a position that gives you ability to push hard with the legs, which may be bad cause i wasn't spinning as much as i think i should have been.

Still getting use to going fast on them, especially down hill. You just dont have nearly the control with the regular handle bars. Can be a little scary, especially since you don't have the brakes right there.

Things not to do - try to stand up from the aero position. The front wheel went crazy on me and I almost ended up killing myself. Also, looking over your shoulder can result in swerving.

Oh well, I'm pretty sure my profile is significantly smaller, and I hope I can see 1 or 2 mph speed increase right away.

6th August 2006

10:39pm: Blogbridge = good
Ok, Blogbridge is pretty good. I does make going through lots of entries very fast. I strongly recommend it.

2nd August 2006

3:10pm: BlogBridge
So I went out and decided to give BlogBridge a try. I started with RSS Bandit but it was throwing errors on me, so i originally settled on Thunderbird. Eventually I got tired of thunderbird because when i view a page, I always have to scroll to the bottom - I can't read the blog post in the existing pane. I really made scanning alots of posts quickly painful.

So, install went smoothly, and the interface really looks clean. My first impression was I didnt care about guides. I just want to see my feeds. I imported the feed from thunderbird using OPML. I struggled for a bit with navigating the user interface. I wanted to click on the feed and see a list of the posts, that was a little tricky, but I uneventually got it how I wanted. Scrolling through the posts was trick, up and down arrow keys dont seem to work. also when I click on the title of a blog post, i want it to open up, NOT TO OPEN THE WEB BROWSER. I found this very frustrating. I couldnt find an option to change this behavior. Last gripe was that I wanted to delete the posts after i finished reading them. I couldnt figure out how to do this. Really bugged me,I like to keep the folders clean after I am done with them.

I'll give it a try for a few weeks and see how that goes.

30th July 2006

11:50am: My little princess
8:22am: what a crew

what a crew
Originally uploaded by theworstbloggeryet.
on the latest adventure, we almost gotten eaten by a giant clam

28th June 2006

3:31pm: Blogger Conference in Orlando
I stumbled across a Blogger Unconference in Orlando running the same weekend as the Disney Triathlon, so I registered for it.

Check it out.

If you will be attending, leave me a comment.

I'll be taking the family and doing the triathlon on Sunday, so it is going to be a full weekend.
12:32am: pictures of the kids

Evelyn in NYC Evelyn in NYC

Evelyn with Ballet teacher Evelyn with Ballet teacher

Thomas at Halloween Thomas at Halloween

12:07am: Most expensive city
I thought NYC was about as expensive as you could get. Here is an interesting post showing how NYC barely ranks in the top ten most expensive cities.


27th June 2006

8:28pm: Hello world
Here is my first entry. I just got back from work in NYC late last night at 2am. Back to work again today. Evelyn and Thomas went to camp today. They absolutely love it. Carolyn stopped in today to see the family. Tom is working on prepping for the renovation at there place.
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